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Re: coming up with titles

John Corbett wrote:

>How do you do it?  I think I put way to much
>importance on this.  Sometimes something just hits you
>and that's it but most of the time I listen to a piece
>over and over and draw a blank.  
Keep a notebook of possible titles and see if any match the music.

Quotes from literature is a good source.  Lots of people have mined TS 
but there are still some good ones to be found in his poems.

Pick up an art book.  If any of the pictures seem to match your music,
borrow the title.

Borrow movie titles.

Choose a pantheon of gods and attribute your pieces to various dieties.

Name your songs after cards in the tarot deck.  Or use any other means
of divination.  Well, maybe not necromancy, unless you're on of *those* 

Name them after your friends.  Or your enemies, if they're that kind of 

Take an album you like and feed its song titles into a Jabberwocky program
and see what you come up with.

Above all, have fun.

John McIntyre