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Re: Ableton's LIVE 5.0 and First Loop Capability

Hi again,

I just posted the short answer. Here comes the little longer answer:

On Jun 2, 2005, at 22:51, loop.pool wrote:
> I suspect there may be some physical reason why this would be hard  
> to do.

To start Live in slave sync mode you need to send it MIDI Clock. Now,  
unfortunately Live uses some kind of smoothing of the incoming MIDI  
clock tempo which makes it a Really Bad Slave (!)

This thread going at the Live forum can give some more information:

> It's the single reason why I haven't jumped on the LIVE bandwagon.   
> Man it would make touring
> in other countries so much simpler and I hate to be locked into a  
> predetermined tempo as it now stands.

If you run Live as the clock master you can map a midi button/pedal  
to the TAp Tempo function. Step four times on the button and kick in  
the recording on the fifth - will start in the same tempo as your tap  
kicking/counting in.

> I pulled my arm out again lugging my heavy rack case through Japan
> last week.  I'd love to go software if it's at all possible to  
> duplicate what I can do in hardware?

I've been playing around with only a Powerbook lately but when I  
spotted a TC FireworX on a hellish price cut last week I bought it  
immediately fell into all kinds of Hardware Excesses. I'm now  
fiddling with the Fireworx, an analog filter bank, an EDP, a FCB  
pedal, a Faderfox LV-1 and the Powerbook. Well... just couldn't stay  
clean any longer. Had to get some analog dirt into my system.

Oh.... almost forgot the RNC (Really Nice Compressor) and the digital  
send/return TOS-link between the Powerbook and the FireworX. Don't  
know if this rig is "portable", but at least my bag is red and have  

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.looproom.com (international)
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
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