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RE: Menomena

Sorry for the added irrelevance. Oh man, I love this song, Mark! I have
three versions of it in MP3 format: the original French version in the
60's/70's, Semese Street vesion, and the Muppet Show Version. If anyone
wants them, let me know...I can send.

Also, the title is "Mahna Mahna"

To add to Mark...it's been a long night of diaper changing and bottle
feeding twins for me...zilch for sleep...I'm delirious.  My wife and
have our own version of this song...same song, but replace Mahna Mahna
with "Phenomena". Try it, it will make you laugh. :)


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You sang it but I'm sure I wasn't the only one other than you singin'




Quoting mwsmart@insightbb.com:

> Menomena (Beep beeeeee bee dee bee)
> Menomena (Beep bee deep bee)
> Menomena (Beep beeeeee bee dee bee
>                        bee dee bee
>                        bee dee bee
>                        bee dee bee dede
>                        deet deet deeeeee deee)
> Y'know, like on Sesame Street?
> Sorry, it's been a long day.
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