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RE: Menomena

That's right...Italian, not French...here is an interesting excerpt on
the history. I was confusing this: "In 1969 it was recorded by Henri
Salvador under the title "Mais Non, Mais Non", with lyrics he had
written in French to Umiliani's tune." And and you'll see in the
article, my idea about using "phenomena" has already been used as a
parody...should have known, nothing new under the sun.g


I agree, I have vivid childhood memories of that muppet russhin to the
front of the screen...made me laugh histerically every time.


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> I love this one too, and it has an interesting history.  The song was 
> originally written by Italian film composer Piero Umiliani and first 
> appeared on the soundtrack of a 1968 soft-core porn documentary titled
> "Sweden: Heaven or Hell".  According to some reports, the film was 
> banned in Sweden for featuring lesbian nightclubs, nudity, and 
> wife-swapping.  Jim Henson himself picked the song for the Muppets 
> because he liked it so much, and he was aware of its origin.

Yeah, but its really the shaggy freak muppet running into the middle and
getting way too carried away with it that makes it the classic it is


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