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Re: machine?

> he older I get the more I embrace the
> limitations of gear and find it inspiring.  Also, the
> longer I work with drum machines/sequencers the more I
> want to make them sound like the machines they are. 
> The juxtaposition of machine with traditional
> instruments really excites me.

Its funny you say that as I've been feeling very similarly for a while
now.  Having now created a monstrously complicated signal path for my
electric guitar experiments (or complicated too me at least), I find
that I have really blown myself out by creating too many options.  Sure,
when I finally find the right combination of sounds, its awesome but I
find I spend nearly as much time trying combinations of effects and
levels as I do actually playing the instrument.  I really love the gear
I have that is limited in what it can do, but is flexible enough to let
you push it past what you expect are its limits (the Multivox Multi-Echo
comes to mind).

And as far as drum machines go, I really dislike 'real' drum sounds.  If
I can't get a drummer or percussionist, I want a machine to do something
they never could (since it so clearly can't do what they can).


How amazing, how amazing!
Hard to comprehend that
Nonsentient beings expound Dharma.
It simply cannot be heard with the ear,
But when sound is heard with the eye,
Then it is understood.
- Tung-shan (807-869)

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