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RE: 3 Mah-na mah-na MP3s Here

Well, *learning* cello is not the same thing as being
decent on it, and I've got a loooong way to go. My
girlfriend (who plays stringed instruments herself)
keeps telling me she's amazed at how quickly I'm
picking it up, but I still feel like a total amateur
on it, although when I approach it the way I play
flute, it can sound pretty decent. What I do on flute
(and theremin for that matter) is to play long notes
and extremely simple passages very slowly, building
harmonically layered loops; it lacks conventional
technical expertise but can develop some quite
interesting textures.

Plus, spending time with an unfamiliar instrument has
been giving me a nice sense of "beginner's mind"; it's
nice to actually look forward to practicing!


--- "Hartung, Kris" <kris.hartung@hp.com> wrote:

> You're lea[r]ning cello? Move to Boise asap. I can't
> find a cello player in
> a 300 miles square radius who is interested in
> looping and playing
> avant-garde music...

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