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Re: surround looping revisited

Excellent idea, thanks! Do you have any in praxi experiences about shift 
values I might use? (meaning enough to avoid the booooh but small enough 
not to completely whack my signal).

Even with small shift values, it might make sense to reverse the shifting 
direction from time to time. After all, shifting by one cent (averaged for 
the "normal" frequency range) will lead to a one-octave shift after three 
hours of running this through a ten-second delay line.

(I did some sound experiments in this field with one of the algorithms of 
the Eclipse which combines a pitch shifter with a delay line and various 
feedback paths, one of them around the shifter/delay series connection. 
Using this feeding a big reverb, you could record a loop both with a 
"normal" loop recorder (say: repeater) and the Eclipse and after playing 
with a groovy loop, its reverb signal would slowly climb and climb...)

I'll try the frequency shifter thing right when I get home - together with 
automation of the shift parameter in AudioMulch.


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>> Currently, I'm trying to fight the buildup of drones (hence
>> my question
>> about feedback destroyer plugins). These do form a kind of strange
>> attractor for the system - meaning that independent of the
>> input, after
>> a finite time the system lands in "boooooooooooooooooooooohhhhh" mode
>> :-(
>> Rainer
> Also try experimenting with Frequency Shifters (or even Pitch Shifters)
> with just a very slight shift to help prevent the
> "boooooooooooooooooooooohhhhh".
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