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Re: way way OT.....jacket system 3.0

I can just see it now: standing in front of a 300 yard
queue at the airport security screening gate,
attempting to convince a stern-looking guard named
Bruno that the zvex superhardon pedal you just HAD to
carry in your pocket is not a tool for terrorism... :P


ps: ...and beautiful women will gaze longingly at you
in your vest, remarking to themselves and to each
other "Oh my, I've never seen a man with so much in
his pockets before..."

> On 6/7/05, Nemoguitt@aol.com <Nemoguitt@aol.com>
> wrote:
> > i know a bunch of you travel a good bit and even
> if you don't, you may want to check out this
> wonderful jacket system (3.0) that i just stumbled
> across.....


> ...unbelievable, i can carry all my LOOPING

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