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Re: Mackie Onyx 1620

it's just the 16 channels analogue outputs for recording , here's to simplify , to not have 16 jacks or XLR . It is to plug in a device input who own the same connector like a computer sound card or a digital multitrack recorder.

> Message du 09/06/05 11:41
> De : "loop.pool"
> A : "LOOPERS DELIGHT (posting)"
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> Objet : Re: Mackie Onyx 1620
> Mark asked:
> "No, I got that part. I'm talking about this:
> http://www.mackie.com/home/showimage.html?u=/products/onyx1620/images/1620_rear.jpg
> what are those serial port looking jacks on the back?"
> If I'm not mistaken, those are Alesis ADAT connectors, which are 8 channel,
> balanced
> connectors used for passing signal to and from an ADAT digital recorder.
> Am I right?