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RE: Improv loops (was Re: Upcoming gig

Since I started looping and playing mostly improvisational,
spontaneously composed performances, I don't practice or rehearse for
them...I'm not lying.  I find that it ruins the moment of improv. I like
to enter the stage with my mind as clear as possible. My ears (knowing
how to hear tonal centers, modulations, complex harmonies, keys, etc)
and years of technique from playing jazz and progressive rock (reacting
quickly and being able to play the guitar and express what I hear in my
head with my eyes closed) do the rest for me. I just sit down, press the
Record button on my EDP controller and play my heart out. I do the same
thing when I play with my partner, a didjeridu player and
percussionists. I just start playing, and he reacts....and visa versa.
Taste + Technique + Listening are the only ingredients I need lately.  



--- Edwin Hurwitz <edwin@indra.com> wrote:

> Anyone who says you don't have rehearse 
> improvisation is lying and improv with looping is even more 
> challenging. My rig has changed so much from the last time I did one 
> of these that half the battle will be reconfiguring it for 
> improvisation, effects wise.
> I felt I had to do it, unprepared as I am, as Penny Lane is closing 
> next month and they have been a great venue for alternative 
> performances (including many by Beat Poets back in the day). I also 
> feel pretty safe in announcing this as I know most of you can't make 
> it!
> Loop on!
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