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Re: Strategies (was: Re: Improv loops (was Re: Upcoming gig)

--- Travis Hartnett <travishartnett@gmail.com> wrote:

> > I am curious how many of us use looping as a way
> of playing more
> > "conventional" music and how many of us are making
> the beeps and
> > bloops?

A good question... but I don't think it's necessarily
relevant.  "Beeps and Boops" to me is an
onamonapiadioc (did I just make up a word?) way of
talking about timbre.  I think it's foolish to say
that timbre doesn't factor into composition,
improvised or not.  I don't plan on abandoning my
sound design experiments in my music at all... Listen
to the newer Radiohead music (especially Kid A).  They
do a great job IMO of using modern electronics and
loops in a pop song context.

I think when Mr. Devilstickuphisuptighthippyass was
condemning "beeps and boops" he was probably talking
about the difference between sonic rambling
experiments and tighter pre-thought out pieces.  If
there are people who've not heard Mouse On Mars,
you're missing out on a group that is amazing at
making beautiful compositions using "beeps and boops"
but it's obvious that their music is very composed.  I
think what I'm trying to say is that just because a
certain instrument/sound has become associated with a
genera, it's unfair to label music a genera solely on
the instruments/tools/timbres it's using.