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Re: triggering loops with a drum machine Crediting

andy butler wrote:
"Andre LaFosse at one time had a drum machine which he configured as a MIDI
controller for his EDP, and I remember reading that at one gig he set up a
number of loops, and then ran a "drum program" to rapidly change between
loops. I always thought that the drum machine was not used for it's sounds
in this case"

When I first saw him do this he did indeed use an old roland drum machine 
(not using the sounds) and he actually
triggered the loops from what I could tell visually, from the individual 
drum sound pads (sending out a midi note number, I assume).
I didn't own an EDP at that time so I can't be sure of what he actually 
and you are correct that this was not
the SUB technique that started this thread out..........I got them 
confused............Andre, of course, is the only one who knows what
he was doing at the show in Santa Cruz.

Andy also wrote:
"The technique that Bernhard Wagner (and a number of others) uses to create
a fast "sequence" of evenly spaced notes was invented by me during the Beta
testing of the Loop4 software for the EDP.
The first ever available recording which features his technique is:-

And I just got finished listening to that track which is really, really 
beautiful.........Thanks Andy and thanks for innovating this
technique....................I love it to death, especially when I create 
really rubato or really avante garde initial loops.
The audience is sure that I"m going south with my piece and all of a 
it's funkier that sh*t.

Last night I played a party and used enormous malleted gongs and bowed 
crotales that eventually used this technique, to which I added some 
faux-industrial beatbox,  a sub bass line on one of those juicy silicon 
string miniature Ashbory basses and finished up
with some effected falsetto vocals and some effected melodica.   So cool 
start abstract and a-melodic and end of with a very conventionally styled 

I especially love doing this with hi falsetto vocals so that the whole 
start sounding like music that was created by Ituri Pygmy vocalists if 
were into techno.   I hear what you say about Andre currently eschewing 
rigidly quantised loops in favor of his own sense of rhythmic accuracy but
I, personally, love how mechanical and robotically correct this technique 
when rounded to the nearest 8th or 16th note.

Thanks for this, Andy.  We're all in your debt for it.