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Re: The newest Loop-Music I've bought is...

On Jun 29, 2005, at 2:06, David Kirkdorffer wrote:

> What's the most recent CD/Music you've pruchased that clearly had some
> looping on it?

No CD's bought lately, but I purchased some music digitally on iTunes  
and Bleep (Warp Records).

1. Eivind Aarset: Connected.
This is one of the most uplifting discs I've come across in a long  
time. Here's listening all the time...

2. Jon Hassell: Maarifa Street.
As a long time Hassell fan I'm always interested on those rare  
occasions when he releases something.

3. Jamie Lidell: Multiply.
Having heard the talking about Jamie's fantastic live sets (vocal mic  
into Max armed laptop) I was very curious on this album. He is an  
excellently soulful singer but I can't listen too much to his music  
because it always gives me that feeling that I can use my time in a  
better way, already having heard Marvin Gaye, Prince e all.

4. MARS VOLTA: Francis the Mute.
Not precisely live looping since Omar (guitarrist, producer) did most  
of the looping in the studio, applied to the entire mix or submixes  
of certain tracks. A great prog rock disc picking up the vibes from  
early Zeppelin and Yes (Relayer).

5. Best Of Santana (anthology).
Gave this CD to my bro for his birthday. No looping per definition  
but Carlos is heard copying himself all through this disc...  ;-)   
They were a great band! I especially like listening to the keyboard  

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.looproom.com (international)
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
--->  iTunes Music Store (digital)