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RE: (acoustic guitar) Website: www.jo-jena.com

 Good full range amplification....totally agreed! I use two
Electro-Voice SxA100 Powered Speakers (12" speaker and horn in each).
You like that Fishman, eh? I like them too.


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In my experience a simple pre-amp can go a long way to warming up the
piezo sounds.  I bought myself a Fishman Pro EQ Platinum and love it.

It's got a 4-band eq (low, sweepable-mid, high, & "brilliance") plus a
little compressor, phase switch, etc.  I run my Takamine classical
through it as well as my Parker's piezos & my Ovation.  In an afternoon
of tweaking I was able to get clear natural sounds from the classical &
accoustic and shape up the Parker's peizos so that they actually sound
like an accoustic as well.  For serious recording I still drop a mic in
front of the guitar and blend that in, but the Fishman will get you 90%
of the way there all by itself.

Of course, the other requisite is good amplification.  You need full
range and a guitar amp won't cut it for accoustics & classicals.  I put
together a little 150W stereo PA from Carvin and love that too. 
Quite a bit to carry around though.

Hope this helps,

On 6/29/05, obadia <obadia@clumsybeats.org> wrote:
> Kris, do you use an electro-acoustic or piezo? i'm thinking about 
> playing live with ONLY my nylon string guitar and SooperLooper. i'm a 
> bit disappointed with the piezo microphones i tried so far, so i'm 
> wondering...
> ps: i own a micro-modular, i love it and it's so conveniant to travel 
> with. i haven't reached the limits of this small unit