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he does it again and a recording question

so sorry for that screwup.....i'm just learning this e-mail 
system.....btb.....now that my philips cd recorder went south and just 2 
ago my marantz 4 trac ate my CT-POEM PROJECT the spinning thang that moves 
casette forward no longer moves (and i babyed this piece of equipment), i 
a new recording machine, i was thinking the edirol R-1.....has anyone used 
of these.....there was only 1 review at H.C. and it was pretty negative 
although it sounded like a LOUD ROCKER wrote it.....i know nothing of 
media cards" but it looks like a good field recorder (small) as well as an 
home one.....i know we talked about this a few weeks ago but i was 
if anyone got one of these or something else that they would recommend 
the last thread.....it's always something no?.....mic