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RE: Doug's gratuitous introspective.... / Live Insect Looping?

I like your ideas, Kris... call it Perry Mecium and the Amoebae!
Sonic Luv,
P.S.--David, your piece sounds intriguing...probably kinda like Adrian
Belew's insectoid sounds on the Lone Rhino LP.

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> From: Hartung, Kris <kris.hartung@hp.com>
> To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
> Date: 6/29/2005 2:21:25 AM
> Subject: RE: Doug's gratuitous introspective.... / Live Insect Looping?
> Where is the song, David?  It isn't on your download.com page.  I
> wouldn't mind checking it out.
> I have no doubt many people have incorporated insect sounds into their
> music, or even made them the feature. I have even heard of folks
> sampling all sorts of insects, and them using them as their sound canvas
> with a MIDI controller keyboard, etc....what I really wonder is if
> someone has used live insects in a live performance setting. It would be
> like me bringing my USB enabled microscope, and showing real protozoa
> and amoebae on an overhead projector while I was playing...damn, I wish
> I could afford to do that....I'm burning to loop to the video of my DVD
> "Microscopic Horrors".
> Imagine seeing creeping stuff like this, at a live performance,  while
> listening to weird, experimental and avant-garde music:  
> http://static.zed.cbc.ca/users/k/khartung/files/Microcosmic_Zoo.wmv
> OR
> http://zed.cbc.ca/go?POS=11&CONTENT_ID=164375&c=contentPage&FILTER_KEY=3
> 670
> Kris
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> From: David Kirkdorffer [mailto:vze2ncsr@verizon.net] 
> Sent: Tuesday, June 28, 2005 9:48 PM
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> Subject: Re: Doug's gratuitous introspective.... / Live Insect Looping?
> K -
> You know it's been done...    I have a piece called Insekta that I do
> (and
> also on UN) that sounds a bit like a pile of insects all chatting among
> themselves.
> David
> UNDO - Ambient Looping Live
> http://music.download.com/undo/3600-8357_32-100333286.html?tag=listing_s
> ong_artist
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> From: "Hartung, Kris" <kris.hartung@hp.com>
> To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
> Sent: Tuesday, June 28, 2005 9:57 PM
> Subject: Doug's gratuitous introspective.... / Live Insect Looping?
> And now you've learned to how to appease a group of irritable,
> hair-splitting, obsessive-compulsive SOBs who like everything detailed
> and analyzed down to a gnat's ass. :)   Yep, looks like you've got your
> money's worth with the looping technology. Learning is always a good
> thing in my mind....and un-learning sometimes equally as important!
> [explanation intentionally left out]
> BTW, I have personally specified the width of a gnat's ass, and I have a
> small image to illustrate if anyone is interested.... Heh heh....it's an
> old work joke with some engineers, but I do have it and can send on
> request to provide hours of amusement.
> ...speaking of which, has anyone looped live insects? For instance, it
> would be interesting to have several small glass jars (one inch by inch
> approx) with some sort of noise making insect in each jar, and a small
> condenser mic in each as well.  You could have bees, those hissing
> beetles, mosquitoes, and I'm sure there are is a whole micro-menagerie
> of insects that make interesting sounds. Then you could apply all sorts
> of effects on each one.  What maniacal lunatic out there has already
> done this?  :)  Imagine a hissing beetle looped and blasting loud with a
> filter and octavizor on it....etc.
> K-
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> From: Doug Cox [mailto:dougcox@pdq.net <mailto:dougcox@pdq.net> ]
> Sent: Tuesday, June 28, 2005 5:34 PM
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> Subject: Re: Doug's gratuitous introspective comment / a band video w/
> basic looping
> Thanks to all for an attempt at translating my comment :)
> What I mean is:
> - I've learned to take control of my loops (vs. letting them own the
> tempo) via things like loop restart, truncating loops, and loop
> windowing
> - I've learned to listen much more deeply than I ever have before (note:
> I've been playing in various types of bands since I was a teen, I'm 40
> now)
> - The band is not playing to a click, and there's no MIDI synching, etc
> - I've learned to work the feedback and loop volume parameters in a way
> that now feels as natural as working the knobs on my guitar
> - I've learned how to make loops "fit" in a band context - better at
> thinking ahead melodically so that my loops fit across the changes
> - I've learned how to communicate what I'm doing loop-wise with the
> band, and how to incorporate looping into our collective thought process
> and jamming
> - I've learned to show up 15 mins early and do a looping warmup along
> with my regular warmup :)
> >