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Re: noise plugin for OSX

On Jul 5, 2005, at 10:18, simeon harris wrote:

> dunno what it's like - i'm still on OS9.2...!
> http://www.gleetchplug.com/
> cheers!
> sim
> www.simeonharris.co.uk

I have OS X here and downloaded Gleetchplug last month when 1.0.3 was  
posted. I have not gotten the time to go deeply into it but I  
probably will. What had me interested was reading the PDF manual,  
listening to some mp3 demos and also that it looks so great ;-)

You can not assign external midi to control all the sound mangling  
processes though. The developer seems to be a very nice guy and he  
says on the forum that he might think about throwing in some external  
midi control in a future upgrade. The developer's ambition with  
Gleetchplug is not to create a real-time instrument but to take it  
more into the direction of generative music creation. I think that  
sounds great! Some ppl report that you can integrate Gleetchplug with  
a system based on Ableton Live, just by fetching the Gleetchplug  
audio into a Live track. When I get time, the first area I will  
explore is if you can then also feed Gleetchplug's audio input from  
an aux send or channel in Live. There are a lot of inspiring option  
hoovering here ;-)  (Gleetchplug as a generative music machine made  
to react on live audio input streaming through Ableton Live - at  
least that my vision, still on my check list for future rainy days)

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.looproom.com (international)
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
--->  iTunes Music Store (digital)