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Re: what about patchbay ?

Since someone mentioned line mixers...

Is there an idiot's guide to line mixers online somewhere? For
whatever reason, I can never quite wrap my head around how they work,
or rather, how they might be used in a looping rig.

For example, let's say I've got a mic, a guitar, an f/x processor, and
an EDP. If I want to be able to route the mic, guitar, and f/x
processor into the EDP at my whim while also routing the mic or guitar
into the f/x processor (also at my whim), and have the result come out
as a stereo mix (actually, mono would suffice for me at this point),
can a line mixer accomplish that? I'd love to not have to lug my
Behringer 2642 mixer to these acoustic gigs if I can get by with a
single rack-space solution.


Jon Southwood

On 7/6/05, Torstein H. Rem <thelgere@online.no> wrote:
> It\s not clear to me if you are looking for a patchbay or a line mixer.