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        I just finished my disc. I have been working on it form more than 18 months. I'd like to thank you all. Discussions and example provided by you all helped me a lot for formulate and complete this project.
        This is not a Loop disc like most. I combined the concept of Found Sound Composition with Loop Music to produce what I have always wanted to try, the restructuring of sound to create music...
        Now, here's the ask: I'd love some comment. I am not sure about the marketability of this project. I maybe only me that likes this stuff. Please, if you can find the time, listen and send me some feed back. I have a thick skin.
Each song is treated more like a movement with chorus joining them together. The chorus are used like Greek chorus appearing to move the story along. That's all I'll say.....it's some what a concept project.
Thank you!