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Re: Acoustic questions and "Hello!"

I have used the Kustom PA for  three years now and it's been great!  MOre 
adequate for smaller venues.  Bigger one's you may need to supplement with
power amp and monitors.




Quoting Jon Southwood <jsouthwood@gmail.com>:

> 2) PA system: This will depend largely on the size of venues you're
> planning on playing. For me, I'll be able to get by with a single
> keyboard or acoustic guitar amp (either a Peavey KB100 or a Carvin
> AG100D). You might be able to get by with a keyboard amp or some other
> full-range amp as long as it has enough volume for the venues you're
> playing. You might be able to get a used one for cheap. Otherwise, you
> could check out some of the low-budget PA systems that certain online
> retailers have in their catalogs. Kustom comes to mind as one brand. I
> have no experience with them, however.