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Troubleshooting my EDPs and FCB....Again (factory reset guidance)

Speaking of which, I just can't get my FCB to work with my EDPs linked
in stereo. Both EDP units A (primary or first in the signal/MIDI chain)
and B are linked via Brother sync and  MIDI.  I record a four measure
loop, and hit Record again to play it back...but what happens is that
only the B EDP unit is playing the loop back, not unit A. I can see the
Feedback LED light up on the B unit, but not the A unit.  The FCB
appears to be sending some other signals besides the standard Note data
to trigger the basic EDP functions, and making changes to one of the
EDP's parameters.  When I reset both EDPs to have the same parameters,
and then switch them around, the same thing happens, but with different
units...so it's not a defective EDP.  And both units work perfect with
my Gibson Echoplex controller.  

Before I start troubleshooting in detail, I thought I would try
resetting the FCB to factory state first. However, I am confused by what
the manual says about this. It shows three ways to perform a factory
reset: V-AMP family products, BEHRINGER guitar amps, and  BASS V-AMP
product range. Is there a particular reset option I should choose?  

Once I reset, I'll go back and re-program the switches to send the
correct notes to the EDPs to trigger the functions I want. Then if the
problem persists, I'll start troubleshooting in detail in later today.

I really want to get this FCB working with the EDPs.  It would be nice
to tap into all those other features like half-speed, which I can't
access with the Echoplex controller.


>  Someone in the Bay Area, please go buy these guys EDPs and FCBs!!!

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
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www.boysen.se (Swedish)
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