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RE: in praise of looping with the Electrix Mo-FX

Title: RE: in praise of looping with the Electrix Mo-FX

>>What I always hated about the Electrix boxes is that they take two HU, most of the time for an effect I wouldn't even
donate half a rackspace for [snip] I'd even think it would be possible to put the Repeater's MMI into one rackspace.....<<

there's no technical reason why the repeater couldn't be the size of a walkman, if enough money was thrown at making the chips to do it, but then you might complain about the size of the buttons or the display.

same thing with a lot of gear with analogue-style control surfaces (as distinct from the "poly-800" approach with lots of cheap membrane switches & a single knob); if you want hands-on, you have to be prepared to accommodate a few controls in a useable layout. take the lid off of a supernova synth module.... (rambling now)

point is, the repeater was supposed to be played with using one's hands. otherwise they would've designed it into a tiny 1/2-rack box with an enormous footswitch board, like... oh, I dunno.... the fcb-1010... to drive it with.



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