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Re: Boomerang

Here's an honest businessman.  I've purchased full price pieces of
gear with known bugs worse than this!

On 7/21/05, Mike Nelson <mnelson@boomerangmusic.com> wrote:
>     Here's the bug. If you start recording and allow the Rang to record 
> the memory is full, all the green LED's come on brightly. So far this is
> normal behavior. If you immediately press PLAY, the Rang will play 
> with no problem. However if you allow the Rang to sit for a while with 
> green LED's lit up and then press PLAY, loud disorted sounds may play 
> The amount of time for the Rang to sit with the green LED's lit and the
> recording to degrade to noise is different for each unit.
>     If you find your Rang in this state, simply press RECORD then 
> to erase the noisy recording.
>     If the Rang doesn't completely fill memory AND then sit for a while,
> there are no problems. A normally recorded loop will not degrade.