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Re: Elecetrix Repeater mk II

> Anyone heard any news about release date?  I may have to order a Digi 
> jamman to tie me over.

No, no. Order the super discounted flawed Rang. ;)

   --*--  SPECIAL OFFER  --*--

    We have about 200 V2 Modules with a software bug and will be building
a special batch of Rangs with them. The resulting flawed Rangs will be sold
for $279, and we pay for shipping in the continental United States! They
will be sold directly to players and not through stores. You may also buy a
Rang gig bag for only $19 when purchasing one of there units.
    Other than this one bug, these are fully functional, warrantied, brand
new Boomerang(R) Plus Phrase Samplers, but they will be prominently marked
as flawed.
    Here's the bug. If you start recording and allow the Rang to record 
the memory is full, all the green LED's come on brightly. So far this is
normal behavior. If you immediately press PLAY, the Rang will play normally
with no problem. However if you allow the Rang to sit for a while with the
green LED's lit up and then press PLAY, loud disorted sounds may play back.
The amount of time for the Rang to sit with the green LED's lit and the
recording to degrade to noise is different for each unit.
    If you find your Rang in this state, simply press RECORD then 
to erase the noisy recording.
    If the Rang doesn't completely fill memory AND then sit for a while,
there are no problems. A normally recorded loop will not degrade.
    Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing one of these
flawed Rangs.


    By purchasing one of these flawed units you agree to assume all 
for any problems or damage caused by use of your Rang, whether by you or
someone else. In no circumstances is Boomerang Musical Products, Ltd. 
for any damage to you or others, or your or other's equipment, by use of a
Rang with this known software flaw.


"Some products make you sound better;
  the Boomerang Plus Phrase Sampler makes you play better."


Mike Nelson

Shipping address for repairs & upgrades:
3704 Oakwood
Grapevine, TX  76051

Boomerang Musical Products
PO Box 541595
Dallas, TX  75354-1595

800-530-4699 * 817-251-8737, Outside USA * 817-251-8509, Fax