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Re: It's not Purple, it's Blue!

On Jul 22, 2005, at 4:41 PM, a k butler wrote:

>> Doesn't matter that color it is, but if it won't sync
>> to a MIDI clock or give me some sort of feedback
>> control, it isn't a JamMan.
> ..but the Jamman doesn't really give you both those features 
> simultaneously.
> It doesn't MIDI sync in the Delay( called Echo) mode.
> ..and in Loop Mode there's a very limited feedback control
> which is only accessible by Midi, and very glitchy
> (especially if you try to overdub)
> how do you work around that ?
Get Bob Sellon's "special ROM" for JamMan which allows you to access 
Delay Mode while in Loop mode with MIDI sync and full feedback control 
with MIDI cc among other things.