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Re: Delurk, intro and a couple of questions.

Hi Risto!
I'm afraid you are mistaken wrt the powerbooks and performance - many pc 
laptops will match or even outperform pricy g5 stationaries when running 
Live, and I guess out-perform powerbooks by the flop-load - even cheap 
pc laptops will out-perform VERY expensive powerbooks running live4 or 
5. For a very detailed tally of performance figures for live check here:
http://www.ableton.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=12375 - notice how far down 
you have to scroll to find a powerbook...
-also, regarding stability, a good laptop is a good laptop, regardless 
of OS these days.

I apologize if I'm ranting, but this is a very common misconception 
these days, what with the whole iPod worship going on ;-)

It all comes down to whether you have to have the design and the OS of a 
mac - or whether you absolutely must run Logic7 next to live.

---by the way, very nice track! I dig the bass-line at 2:10 - what is 
that sound made from? Sounds a bit like manipulated flute or something.


Risto Paalanen wrote:

> lately I've been trying out Ableton Live and have pretty much been 
> floored by it. [...]

> So. I've been thinking about switching to an all-laptop setup. I'll 
> probably get a Powerbook, since the hefty pricetag does reflect on 
> stability and performance. Them's the breaks.