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RE: It's not Purple, it's Blue!(Sellon Chip)

> > Does that solve the JamMan Midi delay issues?
> > Does it solve the JamMan problem of clicks at the loop 
> start/end when 
> > overdubbing while Midi syncing?
> >
> I use it with a midi pedal (PMC 10) exclusively and there is no 
> noticeable MIDI delay. I first heard about this supposed JamMan midi 
> delay here on the list and asked Bob about it and he said the midi 
> delay is 5 ms or less. As far as I'm concerned this is one of those 
> "urban myths'' that keeps being circulated about the JamMan.  
> Maybe the 
> Midi delay is coming from the midi pedal being used, I know 
> the Yamaha 
> midi pedal is notorious for it's delay.
> If the JamMan is the master clock there are no clicks but if is the 
> midi slave there are clicks.  I use my JamMan as the master clock and 
> sync my Echoplex and Repeater to it and it works great!

When a JamMan was my main looper, I'd be syncing it *to* MIDI clock
but always would record silence into a complete loop and then bring
up the input to start recording (overdubbing actually) the loop(s).
An extra step but it worked well.

Scott M2