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Re: Delurk, intro and a couple of questions.

Hartung, Kris wrote:
> Although, having lurked around on the jazz news and discussion groups
>  for for the last 10 years, I think jazz guitarists are the pickiest
> SOBs around when it comes to tone....

Heh heh, I though I should have expanded on my original comment. My
personal jazz influence has more to do with the thinking than the 
playing, so I'm more interested in tension and release as well as improv 
as a compositional tool than, say, getting a certain sound down pat. :)

(Which is not to be taken as a slight against musicians picky about 
their tone, of course, and goodness knows I've spent my share of time 
turning the knobs on amps. It often does bring me down, though. After a 
while I feel the emphasis on a perfect tone is keeping me from just 
_playing_, and utilizing whichever sound I have at the moment.)

[Oh, the inevitable namedropping: I'm currently digging the fretwork of 
Raoul Björkenheim, Sonny Sharrock and Marc Ducret.]