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Re: Delurk, intro and a couple of questions.

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From: "Risto Paalanen" <rtp@iki.fi>
> I'm currently playing (guitar and doodads) in a noise/industrial/ambient 
> band called ─lymyst÷ (whose sound is currently under renovation and 
> apparently turning into something a bit like this for our upcoming CD: 
> http://www.taphead.net/kolminaisuus.mp3), and doing occasional solo 
> performances in a more free-improv vein.
I like this song too!
> Anyway, on to the dilemma! My current gig setup is Guitar -> Pod Pro -> 
> Mixer -> Loopers (DL-4 and Repeater) -> Mixer -> PA. My problems with 
> are twofold:
> 1) Pod Pro is a versatile box, but unfortunately a bit too sterile for 
> taste. I'd like to use something that responds more to the changes in 
> style of play, preferably without lugging my trusty Rivera around.

I didn't liked the POD sound either! I'm using a Johnson but I think these 
are not available anymore.
I choose this one mainly for 2 reasons: it sounded as good for bass than 
guitar and the accouistic simulation was almost convincing.
> 2) I'd like to minimise the amount of equipment I have to haul. A rack 
> an easy solution, but lately I've been trying out Ableton Live and have 
> pretty much been floored by it. (At this point, special kudos to Per 
> Boysen, whose work with the software has been absolutely stunning.)

take care of one thing: the signal path should end with the looper for 
maximum flexibility.
Some amps with all the effects included are great but if there is no 
loop, you are stuck.
Same goes for the laptop. Do you plan to put it in the send of your mixer? 
Or perhaps just using a guitar and the laptop: guitar > virtual FX > 
amp > virtual looper > PA.



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