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re:delurking (lifeless guitar tone) (for loops?)

well, one person's "lifeless guitar tone could = anothers tone from heaven"
it is very subjective.
i can't really comment on the pod pro, but have heard good things and if
you're using that w/ a repeater, that's already a 4 space rack...
one solution that i have been experimenting w/ that i got from a vernon reid interview
in tapeop was to combine digital modelling (he used roland vg8) w/ some type of tube
preamp in recording. i think he was using some mic preamp to "warm the signal up" (again
subjective terms). i was experiencing similar thoughts/ideas and decided to get this
peavey tj raxx tube preamp unit to use w/ my digitech rp100 and i thought it worked pretty well
for me for loop experimenting. i also occasionally sub in a digitech rp7 for the rp100, its a tube
preamp that has a nice "warm" sound, but isn't easy to program (in my opinion).
the other option is to strip down your gear and see what is essential. last nite i put away
my "regular preamps" and got out my old rat pedal and was using that into my loop setup, and i was amazed at the clarity of tone, felt "more pure guitar" tone, and did a little playing this am w/ it too.
i think one thing for guitarists is the old addage that we're never happy w/ tone/sound/whatever...so at times it becomes like the old story of hendrix w/ wah wahs, 1st one sucked he thought, tech goes through 10, not happy, puts #1 back in, and that one sounds good all of a sudden. i experience this all the time it seems. never happy, always searching....oh well.....just some thoughts....s---

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