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Re: Echoplex-style functionality on a mac?

Hey, Steve (and interested parties):

You might want to have a look at our VST plug-in, Ronin. It is 
available for both OSX and Windows, and seems to have what you're 

It includes two analog-style delays, two multimode filters, two 
saturation stages, and two LFOs, and is fully modular. The delays pitch 
when the time is changed in proper tape/bucket-brigade delay fashion, 
and can be looped and reversed. (Tempo sync is available as well, of 

Both the audio path and the control path can be routed however you 
want, via an EMS-style matrix patch panel. Have a look at 

Ronin is only US$69.00, and you can download a manual and demo from 
that page. Basically our stock in trade is pitch-shifting, looping, and 
delay. We're a rather Looper-friendly company. ;-)

Chris Randall
Audio Damage, Inc.

On Jul 26, 2005, at 4:19 AM, Steve Lawson wrote:

> Right, I'm experimenting with the idea of shifting my loopage over to 
> a mac laptop, and am looking for echoplex emulation, or something 
> close. Has anyone tried running Mobius with virtual PC? Are the mobius 
> people planning on a mac version? It's such an amazing program, and 
> would be ideal, but I've got an ibook...
> Please feel free to just suggest keywords for me to search the 
> archive, if I've missed this discussion recently - I'll have a browse 
> anyway.
> cheers
> Steve
> www.stevelawson.net
> (upcoming gigs - Guildford, Berwick On Tweed and Edinburgh Festival 
> Fringe - see site for details)