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RE: Echoplex style functionality on a mac

By tone generation, I mean any "robust" standalone or host-based
software programs (VST or other) that serve as effect processors,
synths, tone generators, etc. 

I think if you are running just one or two VST effects and Mobius, you
will be fine. It's the robust and expensive VST effects that may cause
some contention problems, such as Antares Kantos and Filter, or the
Lexicon PSP84 and PSP42, all four of which are my main tone mangling VST
effects...and amazingly powerful...like have six thousand dollars of
hardward rack gear in your computer....but they suck up A LOT of
processing power and don't play nice with with others.  :)

...not sure about SuperLooper. 


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 >>>>On Jul 26, 2005, at 18:53, Hartung, Kris wrote:

 It just seems like if you
are planning to do any serious computer based tone generation, that
your looping software is best running on a separate system from a
stability perspective.<<<

By tone generation do you mean synth sounds? I'm only going to be doing
real-time audio looping, and some processing, for now mainly
post-processing of the loops.

Can SooperLooper run as a plug in in Live? If it can, that looks like
being a killer solution - that way I could have it in a number of
channels, and be able to loop and layer and post-process to my heart's
content! :o)


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