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Re: Echoplex question

Yes, I think so.
Make sure moreloops=2, loopcopy=sound, autorecord=on
Record, play bass line.
End bassline with NextLoop
Immediately begin playing your overdubs, indicate end of second loop
with Overdub, continue with new layers.
When you want to go back to the naked first loop, do a NextLoop, which
will take you back to loop 1.  You need to have quantize turned on and
set to Loop or Cyc, or be really precise with your NextLoop press.
When you want to go to the loop with overdubs, press NextLoop again.

On 7/26/05, Adrian West <adrian@adrianwest.com> wrote:
> I have a question for savvy Echoplex users. (I'm considering upgrading 
> my Boomerang to an EDP, but I'm not sure yet).
> Is it possible to do the following with the EDP?
> 1. I start with a 16 bar "bass line"
> 2. As soon as it's over, I start looping it and playing and recording 
> over it.
> 3. After recording a few additional layers, I want to go back to just the
> bass line for one pass
> 4. Now  go back to the "built-up" version I created in step 2.
> Is there a way to do that with the Echoplex?
> Also, I have a TD-10 Roland V-drum module which can store lots of 
> patterns. Would it be possible to have the EDP tell the TD-10 switch from
> one pattern to the next when I move from one loop to another?
> Thanks a lot.
> Adrian West
> One-Man String Quartet
> www.adrianwest.com