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Re: Echoplex-style functionality on a mac?


let me preface this by saying that I've never used an EDP myself,  
though I've seen one used (by Mr Lawson himself, and others).

Augustus Loop is much more based on a 'tape looper' than something  
like the EDP. My impression of the EDP is that it's very much about  
recording, playing back and layering 'phrases'. Whereas Augustus is  
basically a big delay/echo, but with tap tempo and a bunch of other  
looping-related features. And of course there's the whole 'tape'  
simulation bit e.g. if you throw it into reverse, you actually get  
the sound of the tape slowing down and heading the other way.

Multiply (or something like it) is coming in the next major update to  
Augustus, which is maybe a few weeks away.


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> From: "Hartung, Kris" <kris.hartung@hp.com>
> Date: 26 July 2005 18:03:23 BDT
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> Subject: RE: Echoplex-style functionality on a mac?
> OS - Can you share the cross-section of EDP and August features? In
> other words, what features does August have in common with the  
> EDP?  For
> instance, does it have the equivalent of Multiply?  I'm sure it has  
> its
> own set of unique features as well.
> Kris