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Re: Great video on Ableton Live live looping by Kid Beyond

 >>>>As the software Ableton Live has recently been discussed here I 
would  like to remind you that the Loopers Delight member Andrew 
Chaikin,  aka Kid Beyond, is now featured by an article and a great 
video at  Ableton's web site:


He uses Live with MIDI foot pedal for live looping with only his  voice 
and a mic as sound source. Be sure to check out the video at  the bottom 
of the page! For his kind of looping Live is perfect; no  overdub 
layering into the same loop (EDP style) but rather lining up  parallel 
loops to build music.<<<

That's a great video - really cool to see. Great stuff Andrew!

It seems like you're starting each tune with a click track of sorts - is 
everything you do pre-sync'd like that?

And what was the mac midi control program mentioned??

this laptop looping idea is coming together... :o)


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