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Re: Fake spring reverb pedals

Fun thing about the real spring Dano unit is you can kick it:-)

gary@friendlyspider.com wrote on 7/29/05, 8:23 PM:

 > I have the Danelectro Spring King, which is a floor pedal that has
 > actual springs.  Check out reviews on Harmony-Central.  It's not bad at
 > all...I haven't heard that Digitech Digiverb pedal, part of their
 > "X-series",
 > which advertises a spring setting...
 > The Spring King definitely sounds like springs, albeit, short ones.
 > It also eats batteries... but I run off of AC or a rechargeable camera
 > battery.  You can also use the cheap-but-fun Echo Mic for all kinds of
 > reverby applications...  http://www.toys2wish4.com/magicmic.html
 > Gary
 > > I am looking for a good portable 'fake" spring reverb for live use. A
 > > small battery operated pedal would be ideal.