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Re: Fake spring reverb pedals

You mean the kind of pseudo-verb kind of echo like Floyd used to use, especially on the Meddle album?
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greetings,the line6 dl4 multi~head setting is based on the roland RE~101 space echo,yea batteries  too.it does a lot of cool cool stuff.great for live applications.if it made longer loops it would have it all...    live long and prosper             scary visionary...

Legion <legion@helpwantedproductions.com> wrote:

I am looking for a good portable 'fake" spring reverb for live use. A
small battery operated pedal would be ideal. I have used the Eh "Holy
Grail" and liek it quite a bit but I am curious what else is out
there. Also it does not run on batteries (not a deal breaker but I'd
prefer to have the option of AC/battery).

I know Boss has made a few reverb pedals with a spring setting and I know
there are two other EH reverbs but I'm not sure if they're any more
interesting or just more hype. I'm not so interested in hall or room
reverbs as a good simulation of the classic spring reverb found in things
like the Space echo, SynthiA, or arp 2600. A small older unit might be an
option as well but I'm trying to avoid taking a 19" rack unit, a pedal on
the floor is perfect.

thanks for any/all help.

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