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RE: Velcro

Hi Luis -

You need some industry stength Velcro, which is 2 inches in width and
comes in a 15 foot roll.


I used this for my last pedalpoard, which had things on it like the
Crybaby Wah, Electro-Harmonix Microsynth, Boss Volume pedal....all these
things I stuck on with this grade of velcro. I even used it to stick
half rack effects to a rack tray.  If I could afford it, I would stick
it all over my body and my walls pretend like I'm spinderman! :) 



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Hi gang,
I just recently put a pedal effect board together with different efxs
and now i am looking for strong double lock velcro that will hold heavy
effects like the dl4.They are all sitting on a NYC pedalboard like
this: http://www.nycpedalboards.com/
i bought velcro strips here but they are not strong
enough, any recomendations? be sure to tell me what
model is good for this i will probably be ordering
them online.


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