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Re: Building a rackmount looping computer as an alternative to theReceptor for Mobius

Art Simon wrote:
> You're right, it's more expensive than I thought.

Interesting thread, thanks for the research!

> I already have the rest of the parts I'd need, but if you were
> starting from scratch, you'd have to figure about $200 for a processor
> (that's what I paid for my 3.2Ghz Pentium 4 "Prescott"),
> and another $200 for 2Gb of memory. There are a lot of good deals on
> hard drives, but we could probably find two 100Gb drives for another
> $200. Add a good soundcard with midi like the Audiophile 24/96 for
> $100

It wouldn't save much but you could probably live with less than
100Gb of disk.  Assuming you would only be running plugins,
the only thing you would need disk for are loop libraries.  I'd
wager 40Mb would be fine, but you probably can't even buy those
any more :-)  If you don't tend to create long loops you could
live with 1Gb of memory, but this is not a good place to scrimp.

If this was intended for live use rather than studio recording,
we could live with an average sound card.  The cheapest SoundBlaster
running ASIO4ALL may be enough.

Depending on the plugins you want to run, you might be able
to go with a slower processor.  I have 2Ghz, but then I don't
usually run more than a few plugins at once.

So, maybe that knocks off $200-300.