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Re: AW: sound mangling devices?

My comments mixed in among the text....

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Sent: Saturday, October 15, 2005 2:03 PM
Subject: Re: AW: sound mangling devices?
> > Bitrman
> I've never seen this series in a shop, but reviews have been
> uncomplimentary about the sound levels. Anyone use devices from this
> series?

Exactly!!!  Bitrman is quite destructive.  It will get you many of the
sounds Jeff Beck wowed generations of guitarists with over the years too.
As a general comment: if you want sound mangling, then a good direction to
plot is to abuse things and take them out of their normal safety zone.

> >Zoom 1201, Lexicon Vortex...
> Too much LCD reading required - I'm looking for plenty of real tme
> control

Lexicon Vortex - have you ever tried one?  This 10 year old puppy gives the
ability to build things you can re-use and then allows you to manipulate
sounds realtime.  You may want to reconsider your prejudices against it.

> >Nord Modular G2 engine with a Behringer BCR2000,
> Possibly a bit OTT for the purpose?

OTT compared to what?  It's all relative, right?

> Aber danke sehr....
> All the best,
> Nick Robinson