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 No, this push is to actually add new features too- check the main FCB 
and there are already 2 'unofficial' firmware releases out, as well as a 
on the way. Below is the actual release notes for the Unofficial
version...maybe this can help some loopers deciding on the FCB? Oh the
annoying 'flashing 88' midi merge bug is fixed too.

Dave Eichenberger 

This version is an UNOFFICIAL firmware upgrade, which does NOT come from
It is an upgrade which I coded to solve some problems, and which is working
very fine on my unit.
But still, I share this version without giving any guarantee on its correct

Changes, compared to previous UnO version 1.0.0 :

- TAPTEMPO messages, automatically generated by the FCB together with 
can be disabled ( = global setting )

- Extended toggling possibilities for CC messages.
Toggling CC messages between 2 values was possible before, but had a number
of restrictions : 
the setup of the 2 CC messages needed to be combined, 
both messages needed to be set up (globally) to use the same midi channel 
With the new version, it is possible, in the patch setup,  to enter 2 
for EACH CC message, 
and to enable or disable toggling for EACH of the 2 CC messages. 

- Introduction of "Momentary" patches  (not in direct select mode)
It is now possible to define if a patch is a "real" patch, or a "momentary"
When pressing a footswitch of a momentary patch, all its messages are sent,
but the patch is not selected. 
This means that its keyLED does not light up, the previous "real" patch
stays selected.

- Possibility to inverse the relay action (from normally open to normally
When combined with the current possibility to have momentary action on the
relay (instead of toggling), 
the contact can be closed by default, and open while a patch footswitch is
This mode enables simulating a damper pedal using 1 of the footswitches 
( Roland for instance uses a normally-closed damper switch )

- Possibility to keep using the expression pedal while a footswitch is
(not in direct select mode)
Again a necessity for instance when you want to simulate a damper pedal 
a footswitch.

- Added functionality for transposing the incoming midi stream.
It is possible to program a transpose value between -12 and +12 for each
Which means that all notes of a keyboard, connected to the FCB midi-in, can
be transposed in a +/- 1 octave range. 
When a patch is programmed to transpose, the LCD shows the transpose value
(-12...+12) on the highest 2 digits. 
The bank number is still shown on the lowest digit (not in direct select
On top of that, it is possible to change the transpose value while 
While keeping any footswitch depressed, press the up or down switch to
change the transpose value in +/- 1 half tone steps. 
The LCD shows the updated transpose value.
(again, not in direct select mode)

- Possibility to send SYSEX messages instead of CC or PC messages
Each of the 7 messages in each patch can be defined to be sent as a sysex
command instead of a CC or PC message. This means that 
        instead of   " C0 - [number] ", following sysex message is sent : 
        instead of  " B0 - [number] - [value]", following sysex message is
sent : 
Id1, id2 and id3 can be defined globally (through global setup.) 

- Extended memory initialization
The extra possibilities of this firmware version obviously use a part of 
internal memory space which was not used before. 
Therefore, after upgrading the FCB, it is necessary (or at least 
to initialize this memory.  
This is done by pressing key 1 + key 9 during startup. The config LED 
flashing, and the LCD counts down from 9 to 0. 
After initialization, all extra features are inactive, so the FCB reacts 
same way as before the upgrade 
( current patch data should not be influenced by the upgrade, although it 
always adviseable to store a patchdump 
of your current setup on PC before upgrading )

- Specific reply to the "version request" sysex command :
When receiving message F0-00-20-32-01-0C-40-F7, this firmware version
responds with
In this message, the 8th byte (0E) identifies the "unOfficial" firmware
branch ( the official Behringer firmware returns 0D)
and the 7th byte (01) identifies the version. 

> Actually I believe the push is to fix a few bugs - in 
> particular there is a pretty nasty midi merge bug which can 
> lose the note-off portion and leave 
> notes on.   This has already been fixed may or may not be 
> available to 
> someone willing to open their FCB erase and reburn the EPROMS 
> in there.   Of 
> course its undocumented nor supported but apparently it 
> works.  I haven't tried it but I keep meaning to because 
> that's one seriously annoying bug. 
> Anyway, if you're interested, subscribe to the yahoo group 
> "fcb1010_reverse".