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Re: EDP Settings for Using Subsitute and Quantize by 8th Notes

>  I set my quantize to 8th notes, but I need to know what Switches 
> and Timing parameter settings to use to get the following to work 
> right: Press Record, play a few measures of 8th note melody work, 
> press record again to play back, start playing some longer duration 
> notes and hit the Substitute button a bunch of times in a row while 
> you're playing...the result is an interesting rhythmic effect with 
> those little 8th note slices of material popping in and out, all 
> quantized to 8th notes. The problem is that the way I have my 
> Switches and Timing parameters set now, when I try this, the 
> subtituted notes pop in but then after the first cycle of looping, 
> everything stops...no sound. I'm guessing that I need to change one 
> of the first four settings (along the EDP conrol panel or buttons) 
> under Switches and Timing, such as Record Mode, Overdub Mode, Round 
> Mode, Loop/Delay, etc. Any recommendations on what these should be set 

You need to set
  InsertMode = Sub
and use Insert for the substitutes.
The Direct MIDI substitute doesn't have the "bugfix" behaviour,
so if you release the Subst before it starts the EDP will just go 
into Substitute (and erase the loop).

Quantise = 8th
8th/cycle = 8 (or whatever)

You don't have to start by playing 8th notes if you don't want to :-)

These days I start with a loop of 7+ seconds of ambient.
Then hit mult,
...wait for the 000 to disappear,
and straight away hit rec.

That way I get a nice loop length for 8th stuff.

The thing that people find hard is that it's real easy to keep
replacing the same notes, and harder to do the ones you missed.
Not such a problem if you play a melody that floats over the rhythm,
and then just pick out some notes from that.

Another trick is play a 3 beat rhythm
which can quickly replace all the notes in the sequence.

It's better to "Sub" after hitting the note, rather than simultaneous with 

refer to "Backwater", on my cd, or from y2k5

andy butler