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Re: RE: Turning OFF MultiIncrease in LoopIV

At 06:46 31/10/05, you wrote:
>Sorry to repeat myself, but when I asked this question a
>couple weeks ago nobody touched it. Maybe I really do need
>to have MIDI control to go directly back to loop1, but I
>would think there's a way to do it through the front panel
>or footpedal simply because there was until LoopIV.
>'PlexPeople -
>It's Stanley Turrentine's "Sugar", and I do the whole head
>as one 30-second loop (MoreLoops=4, AutoRecord=On).  I used
>to go directly from the bass & drums in Loop1, to recording
>a trumpet solo in Loop2, then jump back to Loop1 again for
>the lyrics, then Loop3, etc.  But now when I try to jump
>from recording Loop2 back to Loop1, I end up in
>MultiIncreaseLand.  MultiIncrease is a beautiful function,

easy, just get your head out of the fake books and into the edp manual :-)
As soon as you start doing original music the EDP will really want to
co-operate with you.

andy butler
p.s. yes, it's possible to do what you want, and if no-one else sorts you
out I'll show you how when I next get some email brain time,
in the meantime, the term "Multi-Increase" is not relevant to your problem
at all, so perhaps that is confusing people
(tired of typing now...bye)