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AW: RC-50: simultaneous loops-different lengths?

Could you think about making your Reaktor looping ensembles available to
the public domain? I have been thinking about doing something in reaktor
for a long time, yet didn't invest the time to get familiar with this


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Betreff: Re: RC-50: simultaneous loops-different lengths?

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> On Nov 8, 2005, at 12:55 PM, Doug Cox wrote:
> > Or an ambient guitar player playing a 3.237485 measure melodic part 
> > over a 12.34902 bar bed of drones? :)
> >
> > I can't wait to find out the answers to these questions!
> i can see this thing bringing a whole new dimension to Mark Smart's 
> guitar act. i can't believe he gets it together as well as he does 
> with the RC-20s.
> ---
> Eric Williamson
> www.suitandtieguy.com

Glad you like the looping setup. I use the RC-20s for playback only, and
the Echoplex to do the main looping. I can keep the loops in time pretty
well if I do it in such a way that I never have to hit more than one
pedal at a time.

I won't be getting an RC-50, though, because I just decided to go nuts
and ordered an Open Labs NeKo, on which I will run Reaktor to do all the
looping. And I can add my synthesizer big band horns, too. Unfortunately
I have to wait 6-8 weeks for them to build it!

If this works out as well as I think I might have a couple of RC-20s
(old kind), a Jamman AND an Echoplex for sale soon.

Mark Smart