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Re: EDP Insert: Overdub, too?

On Nov 16, 2005, at 0:24, I asked:

>> Per, I tried this, but to no avail.  When you say "plug into the  
>> feedback jack," do you mean expression pedal?
> Hi David,
> No, I mean that I insert a dummy plug into that rear jack. For  
> playing the EDP I use a midi pedal only (the Behringer FCB1010).  
> Sorry about forgetting to add that part ;-)
>>   I've got one in there, and my feedback is indicated on the  display 
>> window when I use it.  But when I turn the actual feedback  knob on 
>> the front panel, I get no change in amount of Insert's  effect (it's 
>> 100% replace).
> INteresting! So then the functionality I'm using is only happening  
> when controlling the EDP with MIDI while using a dummy plug in the  
> feedback input jack, thus fooling Loop4 into thinking it is getting  
> analog feedback pedal input. This seems to be another "happy  
> accident" in the Loop4 architecture ;-)    (any comments from the  
> Aursiris people?)
Shoot!  I have my FCB Expression pedals tied up on Repeater, so am using 
a regular expression pedal for Feedback.  I wonder why the dummy plug 
works...and, are you doing it for this exclusive purpose, or is it 
necessary for using the MIDI control for feedback, or what?...

Must be morning in Sweden...it's late here.  Over and out, David