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Re: Small laptop-based looping setup: case (slightly OT)

On 11/27/05, William Walker <billwalker@baymoon.com> wrote:
> I second what rick said about gator cases, i believe they are more rugged
> than Skb cases,yet still lite weight.  and add that they all feature a 
> latch that keeps the lid  from falling off even if it becomes unlatched,
> they are also locking, which won't help on the airlines but is cool for 
> transport. Also I have had luck putting a gator three or four space rack 
> (the kind that is canvas covered with a hard frame) in a regular sized
> suitcase, which makes it  less obvious looking as well as more protected.

I'd not come across Gator before, and was looking at the website.
These two products

(which holds a laptop & 2u)

(which holds a laptop & 4u and has wheels and a handle)

would seem to have great potential.