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Re: Sooperlooper question.

Thank you so much, per.  That was exactly what I was looking for, but not
THREE of them, just one... But using your schema, I now have three at once.
I just have to figure out how to control each one without using completely
different information if that is possible.

Always what we ask for, and THEN some...  It works like a charm...

Now to make the midi routings so that I can address all from the same fcb
1010 bank, I think I can do that,  at least I hope so.  If not, I'll ask.

All best, and thanks again.

On 12/4/05 3:13 PM, "Per Boysen" <per@boysen.se> wrote:

> On Dec 4, 2005, at 20:43, todd reynolds wrote:
>> Iım having a wonderful time watching how sooperlooper so neatly
>> integrates into ableton live, but am stuck on the midi routing.  I
>> thought that it would simply show up somewhere, whether in
>> preferences or in the midi routing pull down.
>> After consulting the docs, I downloaded midi patchbay, but donıt
>> see it there either...
> I'm not sure I correctly understand what you are asking for, but
> anyway, here's the trick to route MIDI into SL and the SL loops
> output to different Ableton Live 5 tracks:
> SL-au has to be opened on a MIDI track in Live. Not on an audio track.
> This is how I set up a three loops SL rig in Live:
> 1. Open SooperLooper AU plug-in on a MIDI track.
> 2. Name this MIDI track "SL input".
> 3. Turn down the volume for this MIDI track (but keep the Monitor set
> to "In")
> 4. Create three Audio tracks and set them all to "Audio From = Ext in
> 1/2"
> 5. Outputs for those three Audio tracks should be:
>    a) SL input, 3/4-SooperLooperAU
>    b) SL input, 5/6-SooperLooperAU
>    c) SL input, 7/8-SooperLooperAU
> Now you have created three separate audio inputs to clone and
> distribute our live input into the three SL loops on the MIDI Track
> "SL input". Time to make the output routings:
> 6. Create three Audio tracks and name them SL1, SL2 and SL3 .
> 7. Set audio inputs like this:
>     a) SL1: Audio From = SL Input, 3/4-SooperLooperAU
>     b) SL2: Audio From = SL input, 5/6-SooperLooperAU
>     c) SL3: Audio From = SL input, 7/8-SooperLooperAU
> Make sure all seven tracks have the Monitor selector set to "In".
> MIDI control data should be sent to the Live MIDI channel/track that
> is hosting the SL-au plug-in. You can do those settings in Live's
> MIDI Preferences window. Route your MIDI input where you have
> connected your MIDI controller to "Input/Remote" by ticking the "off"
> button for that routing so it goes "On" instead. In general, the MIDI/
> Sync preferences page is like a MIDI patch bay: you have the three
> functions Track, Sync and Remote for both Input and Output. Set them
> all up as you want the data to flow! If you also activate the system
> built-in IAC Driver bus you can use that one to send midi from one
> track's MIDI clips into plug-ins on a different track. That's very
> fun to play with ;-)
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