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Re: Rocktron All Access

> He is talking about the 4 expression pedal ports.  Yes, you can
> assign different CC numbers to the expression pedals in the preset.

Yes, but what about the response above that one:

> I just sold my GCP and got an FX1. I faced many of the same issues  
> you have with the GCP. It's very very good, but not expandable or  
> that flexible. For my needs, the FX1 is absolutely worth the price  
> difference. Not only can IA switches be set globally and per  
> preset, you have access to all the expander IA switches per preset,  
> even if you don't have an expander. Plus the calibration for pedals  
> is much smarter, again globally and per preset.

I guess now I'm even more confused.

> But not the CC numbers for the instant access switches.   This
> is also why he says "it is critical that I am not forced to assign
> them to the Instant Access Switches".  See page 43, the only thing
> you can save for the IA switches is the on/off status.

This reply is from another list I'm on, the first part of which  
confirms what you say:

> The IA switches are set globally. Pedals can be global or per preset.
> You also have 24 internal control changes, you can toggle the 12 IA
> switches from the expander even when the expander is not connected, as
> well as set a custom hex messages per preset.
> No per preset IA switch configuration though.
> What is it you want to achieve? There might be some other way of  
> doing it.
> Lars

I would say to email Mario and see if he has any plans to implement  
the changes you need.