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RE: concert nostalgia and name-dropping

It's true, in many ways we "vintage" folks (you know who you are) were
musically lucky.

I am always amazed at the persistence of 60's (by which I mean more-or-less
66-71) rock in the culture - in supermarkets, on oldies stations, whatever.
I guess to a large extent that's a function of demographics (my
g-g-g-generation is still the mongoose working it's way through the snake's
digestive system - take that metaphor in whatever way is most meaningful 
least disgusting to you), but I also think there was something unique about
the experimental nature of the music _and_ the media at that time (the 
days of FM rock radio were *so* much more expansive than anything you'll
find outside of college stations today).

But now - I might be mis-remembering (not so uncommon for me), but I think 
heard "Third Stone From The Sun" in a supermarket this year. Not a muzak
version - the original. And I'm sure I've heard stuff like Yes, etc.

And then, of course, you have early-70s Who songs completely dominating TV
themes and commercials today (I'm still waiting for someone to use

I don't think *any* of these artists dreamed that they'd still be listened
to 35-40 years later (or that the dessicated skins of the Rolling Stones
would still be performing live). What a thing!

Best wishes,
Warren Sirota

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> Subject: Now: concert nostalgia and name-dropping
> man you guys were so lucky to have seen all those
> people,its incredible how influencial they were and
> still are i was too young in those times to see
> them,when i listen to syd barret it still blows my
> mind what he was doing!although i grew up with
> eighties music once i discover the guitar i landed
> listening to all of those cats and after that i
> couldnīt listen to eighites music anymore in fact i
> hated it and thought it was all plastic pop rubbish...
> but lately i got a bit nostalgic seeing videos from
> gary neuman "cars" (whose voice remainds me of syd)
> thomas dolby and "let the good times roll" by the
> cars,stray cats and thought well shit there were a
> couple of cool cats back then as well;-)
> cheers
> luis
> > incredible line up
> > how long were the loops jaco was riding?
> > [WS: ] they were only a couple of seconds long.
> > were you at friday night in sanfrancisco...bro?
> > [WS: ]  Funny you should ask. actually, I *was*
> > there. great show. were
> > *you* there? 
> > that town has had some magic musical moments in
> > time...
> > did floyd do "the wall"on that tour?or was that LA &
> > new york
> > some good ole days for sure
> > 
> > [WS: ] The only time I ever saw Floyd was pre-Wall;
> > I was fortunate to also
> > be at an equally incredible concert location - the
> > State University of NY at
> > Stony Brook, 1968-71 (well, I guess the greater NY
> > area gets credit, since
> > we frequently ventured into Manhattan for some other
> > great show). Pink Floyd
> > gave an incredible show, but also there were *so*
> > many other highlights: the
> > Allmans with Duane, Alvin Lee from 10 Years After
> > leaving the stage soaked
> > in sweat and tears of joy, Moby Grape nearly having
> > a fistfight on stage (on
> > the same bill with Procol Harum), the Jefferson
> > Airplane at their peak
> > (right before the Airplane dissolved into the
> > Starship), the Who (with Moon)
> > playing Tommy start to finish, Joe Cocker twice -
> > with the Grease Band and
> > the travelling circus known as Mad Dogs and
> > Englishmen (both great), and my
> > personal favorite of the entire period, Jorma
> > Kaukonen and Jack Cassady
> > playing acoustic (well, not Cassady) for 4 hours
> > straight. I think most of
> > these concerts were probably about $10 each for
> > students. Unfortunately, I
> > was there a year too late to see Hendrix (but I'd
> > seen him the year before
> > at what is now the tennis stadium in Flushing Meadow
> > Park, with Janis
> > opening - or vice versa. Same summer as the Doors
> > and the Who on one bill).
> > I also saw Zep with Bonham elsewhere in that park. I
> > even saw Pentangle, one
> > of my favorite and rarely-exposed groups, at
> > Carnegie Hall in 71. I also saw
> > Miles, playing with most of the "Bitches Brew" band,
> > opening(!!!) for Neil
> > Young solo at Carnegie (or was it Fillmore East?), a
> > great concert all
> > around. Whew!
> >  
> > 
> > 
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