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Re: Now: concert nostalgia and name-dropping

I just saw a live video from the band "Echo and the
bunnymen" and i must say although i was too busy
studying hendrix and page and ignoring the 80īs that
guitarrist had an incredible guitar tone,he actually
played with tube amps can u believe that!another guy
who had a really cool tone was the guitarrist from the
B52īs (the first album is the one )belew of course and
david Rhodes and paul weller guitar playing on the
Peter Gabriels meting face album it doesnīt get any
better than that! man i am rediscovering my times!

--- Per Boysen <per@boysen.se> wrote:

> On Dec 21, 2005, at 18:34, Luis Angulo wrote:
> > couldnīt listen to eighites music anymore in fact
> i
> > hated it and thought it was all plastic pop
> rubbish...
> Agreed. I suffered, musically, during the eighties
> ;-)
> > gary neuman "cars" (whose voice remainds me of
> syd)
> > thomas dolby and "let the good times roll" by the
> > cars,stray cats
> right on!  IMHO the Cabaret Voltaire as well kept
> the vibe going  
> through The Dark Decade ;-)  By the late eighties I
> finally  
> discovered that most record store had moved loads of
> good stuff into  
> new shelves labeled "world", and that was one reason
> why I had  
> suffered from not finding much interesting music in
> those days.
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